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Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
"For the greater glory of God"

Welcome to mesedilla studios!
This is my newest website after : contemplation 4.0.1 :.

mesedilla studios offer the same pages from past website versions PLUS linkage with TVSked.

TVSked is a FREE Palm Pilot TV Schedule Organizer. Official Website

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
mesedilla studios v7.0

I have updated my main website... mesedilla studios to version 7.0

You can also visit some of my popular pages:
Ever After by Bonnie Bailey
- For lyrics and mp3

Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone
- For the Chicken Little Trailer and Gray Brolsma's version

Community Forums
- For music, movies, and any other topic under the sun

Thank you for visiting!

       posted by fritz at 11/16/2005 04:28:00 PM
Monday, June 24, 2002
mesedilla studios v6.0 is now online!
June 05, 2002 is the official launching date of mesedilla studios.

In that website you will find my latest resume, portfolio of various works, a photo gallery, and of course, free original softwares made by mesedilla studios.

I hope you will enjoy your stay there as much as you have hopefully enjoyed your stay here. My games section, rachael leigh cook section, and southpark section will remain here.

Community Forums:


       posted by fritz at 6/24/2002 04:16:00 PM
Friday, May 31, 2002
New design?!
Okay now I have decided to go with a personal website.
The trouble here is... I can't think of any design!

Some people would say go for new technology... all that hype with dhtml or go with the flow using flash...

Then some people would say go for simplicty... don't overdoo the graphics... don't overdo the technology... as a personal website... you should design for who you are... hmmm... that makes it more complicated. hahaha! i have a very complicated life...

I guess I believe that simplicty THAT makes an impression is more important than putting new technologies into something that is NOT necessary.
Sigh! I guess I have to delete all of the 5... yes 5... website design I have right now. I will have to start again with a simple design.

Thanks again to friends!

       posted by fritz at 5/31/2002 04:44:57 AM
Friday, May 24, 2002
Ooooh! I am so confused!
I dunno what to do. A personal website or a content management system.
Sigh! I really dunno what to do with my server space at
No sorry I cannot give it to someone else. Hehehe!

I gotta use it for something useful. What?!
I know I'm gonna go have fun first. Then by that time I will have some ideas.

Anyway, just gotta find ways to have new ideas.

       posted by fritz at 5/24/2002 02:52:00 AM
Wednesday, May 22, 2002
Mesedilla Studios v6.0
Yes folks! Version 6.0 will be coming soon!
I am now ironing things out with a few PHP programming.
What to expect:
1) surveys/polls
2) forums
3) updates on your favorite topics
4) new content

I am still thinking whether to include a member database. But for now, I will just hope for simplicity.
Watch out for Mesedilla Studios v6.0 coming this June 2002!!!

       posted by fritz at 5/22/2002 09:08:18 AM
1.0: may 26, 2001

- palm pilot software
- tv schedule organizer

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