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P A S T   W E B S I T E   V E R S I O N S
draft 01
this was my first attempt in creating my own website. i was in high school when i created this.
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draft 02
i just changed the layout and added a starry background. :)
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frames version
this was my attempt in creating a frames version of my website. frames were new at this time. i started this when i was 4th year high school and finished early college. later on i found out people hated frames. and so i created my college version...
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college version
i was 3rd year in college when i thought of creating a new design for my website. it was also during this time that i created mirror sites of my website.
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contemplation version
i stopped updating my past websites and created this one when i started working for summit interactive, inc. i developed this site in preparation to becoming an official fan site for rachael leigh cook.
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- palm pilot software
- tv schedule organizer

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