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C H E A T   C O D E S

Commandos: Beyond The Call Of Duty

Cheat Codes Effect
Ctrl + Shift + N Mission skip
Ctrl + Shift + X Destroy everything
Ctrl + L Invincibility
Ctrl + I Invisibility
Ctrl + E or
Shift + E
Mission editor
Shift + X Place selected commandos under the pointer
Shift + V Trace user
Shift + F1 to F4 Select video mode
Ctrl + F9 View debug output
F9 Display terrain information
Alt + F11 Window help

Mission American Version German Version
Dying Light (none) (none)
The Asphalt Jungle YBN9J WNNOV
Dropped Out Of The Sky XAPIB 3LRVL
Thor's Hammer QDOAU EUJZR
Guess Who's Coming Tonight IIWAY 68EKF
Eagle's Nest EW82M HK1YJ
The Great Escape SJ8S1 XGBNS
Dangerous Friendships V6J27 YRGOV

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