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C H E A T   C O D E S

The Sims

Cheat Codes Effects
rosebud Replaces klapaucius if you have the Sims Updater installed.
klapaucius Gives you 1000 Simoleons.
! Repeats the last entered cheat.
(For example, typing !;!; enough times to fill the text box will give you the cheat 30 times = 30,000 Simoleons)
autonomy [0-100] How much the Sims think on their own.
bubble_tweak [z offset] Sets the z value used to offset the Sims' thought bubbles.
draw_all_frames Self explanatory.
draw_all_frames Draw all animation frames, without skipping to keep up.
draw_floorable Turn the floorable grid on and off.
draw_routes [on|off] Draw colored dots on selected person's path.
edit_grass [increment] Turn on mode for editing grass tiles. Increment sets number value by which to change the grass history. Writes out the family history of the current family. If file is not specified, the default is used.
grow_grass [0-150] Self explanatory.
interests Views selected Sims personalities that aren't listed in the menu.
log_mask [mask] Sets the event logging mask.
map_edit [on|off] Self explanatory.
move_objects Turn on or off allowing the user to move any object.
prepare_lot Checks for required objects on the current lot and deletes come and see me objects.
preview_anims Turns on/off animation preview mode.
rotation [0|1|2|3] Set absolute world rotation.
route_balloons Turn on or off the display of routing debug balloons.
route_balloons [on|off] Self explanatory.
set_hour [1-24] Self explanatory.
sim_log [begin|end] Start and stop the sim logging.
sim_speed [-1000 - +1000] Self explanatory.
sweep [on|off] Shows the "ticks" in the game.
tile_info Self explanatory.
water_tool Enables the water tool.

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